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Jargon busting advice on the Road Transport
(Working Time) Regulations and an online Driver Hours Calculator.
Provided free of charge by The Working Time Guru.

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Questions and Answers
1. What is a Mobile worker?
2. What is Working Time?
4. What are Periods of Availability?
5. Are Periods of Availability paid?
6. If I have my 45 minute break as per EU driver hours law, do I need to take my WTRT 30 minute brake also?
7. How can I record my Working Time by using the tachograph chart?
8. How can I calculate average Working time?
9. My mate says his agency is not doing anything about the new regulations
10. I consistently do more than 48 hours working time and I'm worried about running out of hours before the end of the reference period?
11. How do I opt out?
12. Who is responsible for enforcement?
13. How do deal with a new starter in the middle of a reference period?
14. How do I calculate part week holidays?

Easy to understand and free advice on the Working Time (Road Transport) Regulations (WTRT) by The Working Time Guru. Please contact us with any problems, suggestions, comments or questions you may have using this form.
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